Arasu Arun

About Me

I'm a fourth-year PhD student at NYU Courant advised by Joseph Bonneau.

My research focuses on applying zero-knowledge proofs to real-world systems. I'm broadly interested in applied cryptography, privacy, and blockchains.


Microsoft Research Redmond (Summer 2023).
Andreessen Horowitz (a16z)'s crypto research group (Summer 2022)
Microsoft Research Bangalore (Summer 2020).


Jolt: SNARKs for Virtual Machines via Lookups [eprint]

Zombie: Middleboxes that Don’t Snoop (NSDI 2024) [eprint]

Riggs: Decentralized Sealed-Bid Auctions (ACM CCS 2023) [eprint]

Bicorn: An optimistically efficient distributed randomness beacon (Financial Cryptography 2023) [eprint]

Dew: Transparent Constant-sized zkSNARKs (IACR PKC 2023) [eprint]

Short-Lived Proofs and Signatures (IACR AsiaCrypt 2022) [eprint]

Zero-Knowledge Middleboxes (USENIX Security 2022) [eprint] [code]